Super Food, not always at Super Prices

Math is Easy. Get the Best Deal When It Stares You in the Face

Embarking on a journey to eat healthy can be a bit daunting, especially if you are on a tight budget.  And, even if you are not on a tight budget, you don’t want to be that sucker who bought the 1 gallon pail of coconut oil on super sale sale for xx cents per ounce when the same brand is being sold in 40 ounce containers for 5 cents per ounce less.

I can confirm that it really does pay to shop around.  Sometimes buying from the manufacturer directly gives you a good deal. Sometimes a better deal is available from Amazon or Vitacost.  It is worth checking or some other price checking site to compare prices.  And sometimes Amazon packages multiple quantities of the same item, but for some reason, the  2-pack is significantly less expensive on a per item basis than the 3-pack.  So click around and check out the various options.

The easiest way to determine the least expensive deal is to price everything “per ounce”  (or per gram if you prefer).  The math is easy: Price divided by weight ($/oz) = price per unit of weight.  So, divide the price by the number of ounces you are purchasing and you get the price per ounce.

And, of course, if you price something per ounce and find out that you can get 16 ounces for 30 cents an ounce, and then find the same product in bulk 5 pound bags on “sale”, make sure to check the per ounce price of the bulk sale, since you may find it is priced at 33 cents an ounce, or 3 cents per ounce more than buying the same quantity in smaller packages.

Don’t Be Fooled and Don’t Make Assumptions

Don’t be fooled every time a company says something is on sale.  The pricing for these items can be very random.  Prices for the same product from the same company can fluctuate wildly and sometimes when something is listed as being on sale, that something is still available for less on  Not always, but often enough that you should check your impulse to simply buy whatever is being advertised as being on sale.  And sometimes, one manufacturer will sell the same item in 4 or 5 different quantities misleading you to assume that the larger quantity is cheaper per ounce, but sometimes the smaller quantities are less expensive per ounce.  At a minimum, if you are doing one stop shopping, check to make sure you are getting the best price from that manufacturer/retailer. Otherwise you are just throwing money away.

Make a List to Check Against, and Keep it on your Phone

Consider using your smartphone to create a list of the foods you purchased and the price per ounce that you paid.  Then, the next time you are shopping for the product, or happen to come across it wherever you are shopping, you can make an informed decision as to whether the price you see is a good deal or a one worth passing on.

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