Oh, so delicious Popcorn.

Are you still relying on that microwave popcorn to satisfy your popcorn urges?

Do you want popcorn without eating whatever it is that microwave popcorn bag is lined with?

Do you want healthy popcorn that tastes phenomenal?


And if you love popcorn with that cheese flavor, then you really can’t go wrong with adding some:

Especially if you happen to be looking for a source of Vitamin B12. The nutritional yeast made the second batch of popcorn very tasty — almost like the smart food popcorn, except (I believe), healthier.  Our three year old boy–who loves popcorn but refuses to eat most foods–loved the addition of the nutritional yeast.  This was particularly good news because he eats no meat.

My wife was dead set against my buying the popper pictured above (all pictures link out to Amazon for purchase) because microwave popcorn was good enough.  However, I bought it anyway, hoping that I knew better.  When she tried the popcorn made with 1 TBSP Coconut oil and 1/4 cup popcorn kernels, along with six or seven turns of the salt grinder, she was totally floored.  As was I (except I was expecting it to taste great).

 1/4 cup of popcorn kernels yields enough popcorn to fill a 1/2 gallon mason jar.  Which is what I did with the second batch before adding in the nutritional yeast flakes and then shaking the jar to distribute the tasty flavoring.  I kept the popcorn in the glass jar overnight and it still tasted great the following morning.  I happen to think it looks great too!

This is the best way to make popcorn. I don’t care that it requires a bit of planning and clean up.  Because it tastes that great (and washing a pot out with warm soapy water is not that big a deal), especially if you have a lot of these handy bar mops around to do the drying of your dishes and counter tops as needed.

You can probably get away with using olive oil and a large pot with lid, if you want to save the money or space needed to store another appliance.  For me, I found it annoying to shake the whole pot over the stove top, as it made a grating noise that bothered me.  The popper pictured above just sits on the stove and has a little crank that you turn for a few minutes.  The crank is connected to a “stirrer” that runs to the bottom of the pot, and lets you stir the popcorn without moving the pan. I found that much more pleasing to use.  As for the olive oil, I really encourage you to try coconut oil.  It is great for so many things and popcorn is just one of them!



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