The Humble Green Smoothie

Green — it is the color of money.

Green — means go.

Green — is good for the environment.


At last count, there were over one hundred and forty seven thousand green smoothie recipes available on-line!  If you have not yet joined the movement, you may be wondering what all of the hype is about.  After having a green smoothie almost every day for the past four months, I feel that I am eminently qualified to make a few observations.

My first observation is that they have not improved my eyesight.  Nor have they improved my skin, hair, fingernails, stamina, flexibility, strength or quite frankly, anything else that I have noticed.  Maybe you will have better results, but please don’t think that they are a panacea for all people.

My second observation is that I consume considerably more fruits, raw oats and green leafy vegetables than I did previously.   I am also eating vastly more chia seeds, hemp seeds, hemp seed oil, and raw honey than I did previously.  Hopefully, the added nutrients are making beneficial changes to my health.  I don’t have a good way of measuring those changes, however and I don’t make any claims in this regard.

Are green smoothies a reason to run out and buy a Blendtec or Vitamix?  That is a personal decision we must all make, and depends a lot on how you feel about spending $400-$600 on a blender.  That said, I love my Blendtec and feel it was money well spent.*  Plus, it does a very nice job of liquifying my greens.  If money is tight, I suggest TRYING your current blender. If it makes a smoothie you enjoy, look no further.   If it makes a chunky smoothie that is difficult to drink, then take the plunge and try it out from a seller with a forgiving return policy.

For me, I enjoy the green smoothie.  I enjoy seeing a large pitcher of fruits and vegetables turning into a nutritious drink.  I love knowing I am getting a ton of vitamins and fiber that would otherwise be lacking from my diet.  I find the bright green color and even the occasional “brown” or “purple” that comes about from adding blueberries to the mix, to be soothing.

I admit it, I take satisfaction in liquifying a half-cup of uncooked rolled oats and drinking them through a straw along with a banana, a handful of strawberries 4 large leaves of raw kale (something I could never tolerate by itself) and some water.

*The primary reason I love my blender is because I can’t cut myself on its blades while cleaning it (the Blendtec has a dull blade).  And because the base does not come off, meaning I need not worry about taking it apart for cleaning and seeing the slime that accumulates on or under the o-ring of a traditional blender.  The combination of never bleeding and not seeing blender scum is worth the money to me.



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