Fresh baked bread

Fresh baked bread is something special. And, like so many other things, the internet makes it is easier than ever to learn how to bake a loaf of fresh goodness.

Yes, there may be mistakes made along the way. And yes, baking bread from scratch takes a long time because it takes time for the dough to rise several times.

But take my word for it, it is a skill worth exploring. Once you start, you will be making biscuits, rolls, loafs, soft pretzels, and the list goes on. The beauty of home made is that you avoid the additives whether they are nasty preservatives, crappy chemicals or fake flavors.

Oh, and you don’t need anything besides a bowl and a clean flat surface. Forget buying a bread machine. Forget using a stand mixer. Heck, I made these loaves (my first attempt baking a bread loaf) using nothing but a bowl, a fork, a rubber spatula and my loaf pans.

I am looking forward to making some soft pretzels real soon.




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