Recently, I decided to embark on the sourdough journey because I saw a few recipes that looked too good to miss out on simply because I was lacking sour dough starter. Also, once I started baking bread, it seemed like I couldn’t skip out on making more traditional sourdough loafs.

There are entire blogs devoted to sourdough and I encourage you to use a search engine to find them. There is already more written on the subject by people much more knowledgable and experienced than myself so I won’t be going into any details here.

I am only writing to pique your interest or to get you over your indecision. Trust me, even if you never bake a loaf of bread, the starter will make fantastic pancakes. And, I hear, it makes great coffee cake and great waffles. And it isn’t all that much trouble to make and keep the sourdough starter.

So far I have made fantastic pancakes and a very nice pizza crust. Links for making and maintaining the starter, as well as some excellent recipes will be provided if anybody requests in a comment.




2 thoughts on “Sourdough

  1. Now I’m in trouble. I love baking break and especially sourdough. I’ll have to start a new starter though. I am also a fan of the five minute, no knead breads with thick crusty crusts.
    Cheers to you and your baking and cooking adventures.


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