Sourdough Pizza

I have been making a lot of pizzas lately, using my lodge cast iron pizza pan.  I can’t say that it is “the best” solution for making pizza, and am still considering using quarry tiles to bake my pizzas on, because you can’t really preheat the lodge pan and get then add the pizza dough.  At least, not without a pizza peel.  And, I’ve got my eye on getting a Super Peel, which seems to magically lift and lay pizzas and pastries off of the counter and onto the baking stone.  It gets reviewed very well and I think it would make my life a lot easier and safer.

But, using the dough recipe for the “Basic Country Loaf” found in Chad Robertson’s Tartine Bread, I was able to make a very fine looking pizza. It tasted very good as well.  For the pizza below, I actually drizzled olive oil on the pizza pan, preheated it to 500 degrees, took it out and then dropped the pizza dough onto the pan.  I splashed hot oil everywhere except on me, thank goodness, and by the time the dough made it into the oven, it was already bubbling and beginning to brown.  I baked the dough for 5 minutes, took it out and let it cool on a wire rack before wrapping in plastic wrap.  The next day, when I was ready to make pizza, I just preheated the oven (with pan inside), made my home-made pizza sauce,  sliced some mozzarella and I was good to go.  There were some cherry tomatoes in the fridge which I used as well.


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