Pioneer Pancakes

Many people are happy to make their pancakes from a box. If you go that route, do go the extra mile and read the ingredients — and choose only those mixes that do not have hydrogenated oil and “natural flavors” in them. There are plenty out there.  And if you are an Aunt Jemima fan, read the ingredients on the various options since some are much worse than others (Original and Buttermilk look okay — I would avoid Original Complete and Buttermilk Complete).

But for those who want to try something very different, and happen to have a Blendtec blender, try the following (modified from the Blendtec pioneer pancake recipe):

112 cup Milk
1   cup hard red winter wheat berries (not soaked, just straight from the bulk bin at Whole Foods or, pay a ton for them on Amazon here)
2   tbsp olive oil
2    eggs
2   tbsp sugar (I use Organic Sucanat, an unrefined sugar)
1   tbsp baking powder (I use aluminum free baking powder)
12   tsp kosher salt

Add milk and wheat berries to your blender, press “Speed Up” to Speed 9, and run full cycle.
Add remaining ingredients to jar and secure press “Pulse” 5–7 times to incorporate remaining ingredients (press for only a fraction of a second here)
Allow batter to rest 5 minutes.
Then pour onto a hot griddle like any other pancake.  Turn them as soon as the bubbles form and then remove from the griddle 30 seconds to a minute later.  These come out very light and tasty. This is not the best picture, but it is what I took when I made them.

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