Grain Mills

There are two camps when it comes to grinding grains to make your own flour. One camp wants to grind with electrically powered grinders and one camp prefers manual power.

There is a lot of information available to see what suits you best. Personally, I hate loud noise and electric grinders are quite loud. This is the primary reason I dislike my Blendtec, which is dislike using five days a week because I love it.

Of course, when the grid goes down, I won’t be able to make our smoothies in the morning. And, lacking any foresight, I have no backup plan for this event.

Lacking an oven that works without electricity, I don’t know what use freshly ground flour will have during a blackout so the need for hand cranked flour during a blackout seems remote at best. This is not to say an outdoor wood burning hearth adjacent to my bomb shelter and a hand powered mill in e shelter does not have its place. I am just not prepared for the apocalypse and to do so, my first priority is weaponry. Until I have that under control, I can’t worry about flour. As someone once said, someone with more firepower will likely steal my mill and enslave me to make the flour when doomsday comes.

So, for me, the question is one of balancing convenience and ease of use, against noise and effort. While I hate the idea of a noisy appliance, if I am to make my own flour, I don’t want to spend 20 minutes doing so, after which I am too tired to make my bread. Kind of wimpy, but less wimpy than driving to the store to buy old flour.

My eye is settling on a KoMo mill. It is a little pricey but it gets very nice reviews and people seem very happy with it. This is not a review or a recommendation. Just my musings while I debate about a big purchase.

Oh, I have made terrific bread using King Arthur Organic All Purpose and White Whole Wheat flours. Good enough that I now have an aversion to, and no longer buy, Bread. But if I am going to go the mile to bake my own bread, why not go the whole distance and make my own flour?

Update: I did purchase the Komo mill and wrote about it here.


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