Baking Sourdough Bread

Until today, I have been letting my bread rise in a towel-lined bowl, which has resulted in excellent bread. However, I have been wanting to try using a basket or “brotform” so that I would get the decorative flour lines and, also, because we do not have enough bowl. Plus, the bowls were not the best, being a bit too steep. Moreover, sometimes, the dough got stuck to the towel (floured with a mix of flour and rice flour), and it made a bit of a mess having to launder towels.

So I bought some baskets. These things are VERY expensive on amazon. Think 20-30 bucks a pop. However, they can be found for much less elsewhere.

I rubbed them with a mix of all purpose flour and rice flour, and made sure to dust my dough with some of the same before putting then in to rise.

I flipped them out onto the peel and if the dough did not fall out I lifted the basket an inch and tapped it down and the dough released quite easily.



And, of course, the loaves look awesome.




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