Wheat and Rye Bread

This weekend I decided to “wing it” and make my own bread. I had a basic formula to follow but changed out the flours for White whole wheat and Rye.

I also decided to double the recipe to make four loaves. I accidentally quadrupled the amount of wheat and and rye, and as a result I had to add another 430 grams of water, and then another 50 grams of my sourdough levain. Basically, this left me with enough dough to make a fifth loaf, which I wound up making into two.

Here is the dough after the bulk rise:IMG_1712.JPG

Here is the dough preshaped:

I let them “proof” in my baskets:

IMG_1714.JPGThe plan was to put them in the fridge overnight and then bake. But my fridge was not big enough to fit them all.
So, I baked two of them 2 hours later:

IMG_1715.JPGI gave them away to my inlaws, and one of them sent me a picture of it cut. She said it was delicious.

The following morning, 11 hours later, I baked anther two loaves:

IMG_1734.JPGI gave one to a neighbor. And then I baked the final two loaves at 6pm.


IMG_1769.JPGthis leaves me with some extra bread which I will freeze.


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