Veggie Pizza

On Sunday or Monday night I mixed my dough as described here, put it in the fridge and made one pie Tuesday and this pie on Thursday.

I used cremini mushrooms (according to whole foods signage), roasted cauliflower and broccoli, fresh mozarella, provolone and Reggiano Parmigiano. The sauce was a simply a fresh tomato blended with some oregano, drained and refrigerated from the earlier pizza. My ingredients are staged while the oven is preheating to 550F:


This time I set the broiler to High, before shaping and topping the pizza to get the cast iron saturated with heat.
By the time the pizza was shaped and ready, the oven temp read 531. I set it for 550 again and loaded the pie as it came up to temperature. Here is the pie shaped, sauces and cheesed:




After the cheese, I throw on the mushrooms and veggies, turn off god broiler and set the oven back to 550 and bake:



IMG_1986.JPGNothing left to do but top with fresh basil and cut it up for dinner.



5 thoughts on “Veggie Pizza

    • Jim, thank you for the kind words. I really think this can be done by anybody who isn’t afraid to fail a time or two. I have to try this cooking on a cold pan one day to see if this can be done without a pizza peel!


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    • Thank you for the kind words. I think the crust is just about as good as it gets for pizza, though I continue to experiment with other formulas. The combination of cheeses are what really get my mouth singing though. By itself the crust is just ok. Maybe if I add garlic to the dough…

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