Kale and Onion Omelet

One of our favorite breakfasts is the kale and onion omelet. I usually keep a 1/2 pint wide-mouth mason jar filled with chopped onions. They stay fresh all week and the jar keeps the odor contained.

I place a cast iron skillet on medium heat and add a teaspoon or so of coconut oil. When it gets hot, I add in the diced onions and chopped kale (I strip the leafy part from the stem first).

Next, I put the bread in the toaster oven, stir up the onion and kale, and then pour the scrambled egg on top of everything and let it cover the kale and onion.

Once the egg sets, I use a pointed metal spatula to run around the edge of the omelet, and then fold over half. Sometimes it breaks, especially when making a five egg omelet. This three egger folded nicely.


IMG_2139.JPGTime to butter the toast and plate the dish.


I recommend a lot of onions and to heat them up for a few minutes before adding the egg. The taste reminds me of egg foo young but without all of the oil. You can also use more kale than I did here, and it will taste great.


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