Better Pizza

If you search pizza on WordPress you invariably come across folks who are trying their hand at the craft, and some of those people are doing a great job. But, most of the time, the photos show a finished product that is pretty unappetizing. Not that it isn’t fun making an awful pizza, but you can strive for, and achieve, so much better.  Making a great pizza starts with making a great dough. And a great dough typically does not use yeast measured in whole teaspoons or tablespoons, unless one is making enough dough for thirty pizzas!

Too much yeast is an indicator of a rushed dough, one that has had insufficient time to develop and will yield a flavorless and difficult to digest dough. Tiny amounts of yeast and a long ferment in cool temperatures are what you are after. 

For the love of all that is great about pizza, skip trying these recipes and stop posting them. If you are baking with instant or active dry yeast, look at Roberta’s New York Times formula for a nice easy place to start for a tasty dough. You can read about how I make that pizza here.

If you are feeling more adventurous, and have a sourdough culture, you may skip the commercial yeast altogether. These pizzas were made with less than an ounce of sourdough starter, and were fermented for 42 hours in a cooler with some frozen water bottles. I made enou dough for 9 small pies.  They were made in my pizza party oven.



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